[Mono-list] mod_mono fails to start mono-server

Mark Hannessen mark at nperfection.com
Sat Jul 15 15:40:50 EDT 2006


I have some trouble getting apache to server content using mod_mono
I got the stand alone "xsp" program working just fine
but when I try to get it all running trough apache it logs the following 

[Sat Jul 15 19:31:33 2006] [error] Failed 
running '/usr/bin/mono /usr/lib/xsp/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe --filename /tmp/.mod_mono_server --nonstop --appconfigdir /etc/mono-server 
(null) (null) (null) (null) (null) (null)'. Reason: Permission denied

does anyone know I am supposed to handle this?
I ran out of clues..



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