[Mono-list] Advice on display differences between two files

Nikki Locke nikki at trumphurst.com
Fri Jul 14 14:58:26 EDT 2006

I've just got hold of Joshua Tauberer's excellent Algorithm.Diff library, 
as I need to show diffs between tests and originals in an application test 

I would very much like to show the diffs in a similar way to most visual 
diff programs - with the two files side by side, with lines that are 
different highlighted in a different background colour. Ideally both files 
would scroll together when the scroll bar is moved.

However, I don't have a lot of time or effort to spare for this - the 
application itself is far more important than a nice interface for testers!

I started by displaying the diffs in two side-by-side RichText controls, 
but I discover that the C# RichText control doesn't support background 

Anyone have any suggestions for easy ways to do this? I'm asking in this 
list, because the test harness has to run under MONO/Linux as well as 

Nikki Locke, Trumphurst Ltd.      PC & Unix consultancy & programming

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