[Mono-list] mod-mono-server2 destroys filehandles?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Jul 12 18:13:40 EDT 2006

Corwin Light-Williams wrote:
> I have a recurring problem with mod-mono-server2 it seems. I have a  
> service that runs and opens pipes in /tmp. About every 5-7 days the  
> pipes will simply be deleted, leaving the servers running with no  
> pipes, meaning that Apache just gives me a "Service Temporarily  
> Unavailable" error. This only seems to happen with mod-mono-server2-  
> my mod-mono-server process merrily runs along.
> Does anybody have any clues on this? I'm about to have to switch back  
> to Windows for hosting because of this, and I really don't want to  
> have to do that. :)

It's probably a cron job that periodically purges /tmp.

Another reason might be a bug (#78241) that has been fixed with
Mono 1.1.16.


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