[Mono-list] Socket problem

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Wed Jul 12 14:24:25 EDT 2006

I may be wrong, but I thought you needed root rights for ICMP. Have you 
tried running your mono app as root?


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Hello together

I use Mono to create a small C# console project. In this project I send an 
ping to check the host. I didn't write the ICMP class self.

ICMP class: http://cpp.sourceforge.net/?show=17688

Code to use the class:
ICMP ping = new ICMP();
TimeSpan span = ping.Send("", new TimeSpan(0,0,5));

Unfortunately there is a exception:
Unhandled Exception: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Access denied
in <0x000b8> System.Net.Sockets.Socket:.ctor (AddressFamily family, 
SocketType type, ProtocolType proto)
in [0x00004] (at cPing.cs:41) ICMP:Open ()
in [0x00007] (at Main.cs:14) MainClass:Main (System.String[] args

I tested the same code to a Visual Studio 2005 Pro. installation. It runs 

Do you have any idea?



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