[Mono-list] A wrist friendly language for Mono: Boo, Ruby, Python?

Carlos Ble carlosble at shidix.com
Mon Jul 10 03:15:09 EDT 2006

I think that IronPython works fine in Mono:

El lun, 10-07-2006 a las 03:31 +0200, Alexander Orlov escribió:
> I'm looking for a wrist friendly and very expressive language 
> already (well) implemented in Mono. There are Boo (python-like) and 
> Ruby (already implemented) that are known, to fulfill this 
> criteria. I've also heard of a Python implementation (at least 
> for .NET)... is there a Python implementation for Mono as well?
> I would like to find out about experiences any of you have made with 
> one of these languages.
> As I've already mentioned, I'm looking for a wrist friendly and 
> expressive language that makes it possible to build mighty small 
> but also large applications as well as quick and dirty 15 min 
> hacks.
> ...any recommendations?
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