[Mono-list] mod_mono configure reports wrong version of apache (and does not make)

Scott Williams scott.williams at leaseharbor.com
Fri Jul 7 09:54:54 EDT 2006

Default install of httpd-2.2.2 to /usr/local/apache2.


Configuration summary for mod_mono

    * Installation prefix = /usr/local
    * Apache version = 1.3
    * Apache modules directory = /usr/local/apache2/modules
    * apxs = /usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs
    * Verbose logging (debug) = no
    * mono prefix = /usr/local
    * Default MonoApplicationsConfigDir =

Various combinations of --prefix= and --with-apxs don't have any impact.

Configure against default install of httpd-2.0.58 reports correct apache version
(and makes).

Any help understanding what is going wrong here is appreciated.

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