[Mono-list] Stripped down mono applications

Julien Sobrier julien at sobrier.net
Thu Jul 6 12:06:50 EDT 2006

Lars Eriksen wrote:
> Hello!
> Is it possible to create stripped down C# GUI applications with Mono for
> the Win32 platform?
> Tools like Excelsior JET or Remotesoft Salamander create rather large
> executables, since they are legally required to include the whole
> underlying framework.
> It seems to be different with Mono - it's open source and has been
> programmed from the ground up, not using anything from Microsoft.
> I switched from C++ to C# and have learned to love clean, modern
> programming languages, yet wished it was possible to develop them
> without a giant framework.
> So is it possible at all? And if so, what are the executable sizes one
> can expect?
> Thank you.

Take a look at http://www.mono-project.com/Summer2006. I think the CIL
linker is what you are looking for.

mkbundle (shipped with mono) may also work for you, but I've never used it.


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