[Mono-list] mono 1.1.13 and nemerle

Michal Moskal michal.moskal at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 08:00:33 EST 2006

On 1/31/06, caminoix (sent by Nabble.com) <lists at nabble.com> wrote:
>  hello :)
> i've just upgraded to mono 1.1.13 (use before) and for some reason
> which i can't understand nemerle doesn't work. here's the error message i
> get:
> ** (/usr/bin/ncc.exe:11943): WARNING **: The following assembly referenced
> from /usr/bin/ncc.exe could not be loaded:
>      Assembly:   Nemerle    (assemblyref_index=2)
>      Version:
>      Public Key: e080a9c724e2bfcd

Are you sure the Nemerle assemblies are in the GAC mono uses? Have you
installed mono from RPM?

   Michal Moskal,

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