[Mono-list] Can't connect to server listening only to localhost ?

Vermeersch Simon simonvermeersch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 16:02:01 EST 2006

I found this curious problem in mono/c#, don't know if it's the same in ms .net:
I'm using mpd (http://www.musicpd.org) for playing my music. It allows
one to connect to a tcp port on it so that you can control it. In my
config I had something set like this:
bind_to_address "localhost"
as I only needed to access it from localhost.
I could use other mpd clients and telnet to it without problems. But
using something like this (on the same box as the server is running):
TcpClient c = new TcpClient("localhost" ,6600);
gives an "Connection refused" exception
When I remove the bind_to_address line, it works.
Is this a bug ?
Much thanks in advance
Simon Vermeersch

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