[Mono-list] Please solve .exe s conflict?

Paulo Augusto PauloMorfeo at portugalmail.pt
Sun Jan 29 00:30:11 EST 2006

Please make future Windows instalers of mono register .mono files to be
open with the proper executor (mono.exe) and compilers compile as
standard to output of .exe.mono files!

Since mono's executables are, by standard, with an extension of .exe,
Windows will try to open it as other executables or try to open it
with .NET . Obviously this won't bring good results and, most certainly,
the user will just regard the aplication as broken, even if it has a
version of mono installed that is able to run that program.

If .mono files are registered in Windows to be executed by the proper
executor (mono.exe), it will solve all that and will even add the
ability to make it so that those .mono files have a nice shiny icon you
may choose. Also, upon instalation of a more recent version of mono,
that new version would take over the files. Also, we would be able to
right-click them and choosing "open with..." which we can't do to files
named .exe .

If the compilers would also be changed, globally, to compile as standard
to .exe.mono s instead it would also be sweet. After all, executables
there are many and it doesn't specify that they're mono's executables. 
Even in Linux, if we do not know that a .exe is a mono aplication, we
have no clue that such executable is to be run under mono. They're just
recognized as "Windows executable"s.
Anyway, i can live without that, it's easy enough for the knowlegeable
developer to change the extensions for the non-knowlegeable end users.

As up to me, i'm not going to distribute the aplication i'm developing
with .exe files, having a good chance they will try opening it with
MS's .NET, but, instead, .exe.mono files but i'm going to have to
explain the users that they should select "open with...", choose
mono.exe and choose "always open with" so they, next, will open them by
just clicking them.

I'm hoping future Windows instalers of mono register .mono files and
assigns them a nice shiny mono icon. Unless such thing is not possible?

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