[Mono-list] Mono and Nokia 770 and mojoPortal

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 17:31:02 EST 2006

Hi Daniel,

I'm happy to answer the mojoportal question, someone else will have to take on the others, though I'm pretty sure that SQLite can be embedded in a device.

To support additional dbs it would require someone to implement a data layer and keep it up to date with new methods over time so supporting more is a bit of a maintenance issue. I implemented the intial MS SQL and MySQL dbs for mojoportal, Jospeh Hill implemented the initial pgsql version and the newer SQLite version but I will be maintaining them over time most likely. I'm not sure I want to commit to maintaining any additional ones myself but anyone willing is more than welcome. All the current ones have similar Helper classes that make it fairly easy and make the code somewhat similar between dbs.

I could have used an OR Mapper and that would probably have made it easier to add more dbs but for a number of reasons I chose to implement independent DALs instead.  I've been working a lot with an OR mapper in my new job and I do like the rapid development aspect of it but I am still glad I chose not to do that in mojoportal for a number of reasons I won't ramble on about unless you're interested.

If implementing a DAL for the db of your choice in mojoportal seems to big a task, you might want to look at the Cuyahoga project which uses NHibernate. I think it is a very well concieved project even if I follow a different approach myself. I'm not sure whether the dbs you are asking about are implemented but implementing an NHibernate provider for a new db may be less work than implementing all the methods for mojoportal.

I would think the MS SQL layer could easily be converted for Sybase but maybe I'm off base, I know they have a common heritage.

Hope that helps,

joe_audette [at] yahoo dotcom 

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Please bear with me. I could have written a blog entry, but writing an email is so much easier.
  Nice to see Paco running Peditsharp on the Nokia 770.  Now, can sqlite run it on too.  If yes, I would like to see a Mono application that retrieves data from a sqlite database and displays it in a gtk# data grid (treeview/liststore).  Is it possible?
  I see mojoPortal has support for a lot of databases.  What would someone need to get it to work with other databases, such as, Oracle, Sybase, Firebird, or DB2?
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