[Mono-list] Re: ByteFX or Connector/Net or ..?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jan 26 06:26:34 EST 2006


> What should i use to connect to a MySql server? I'm making an aplication
> which i intend to distribute (not personal use).

The MySql Connector/.NET is GPL, while ByteFX is LGPL.
If your app is not licensed under GPL, you definitely have to
check Connector's license at http://www.mysql.com

> There seems to be ByteFX.
> The problem is that, the last time i tried to use it, it completely
> failed to connect to the server (mono 1.1.11 in Suse). I was even
> starting to doubt the server was really accepting conections until i
> tried the MySql's Connector/Net for Ms.NET, which worked.

Last time I checked, ByteFX didn't work with the new password
encryption scheme of MySQL 4.1.

> Now, i'm on another system with mono 1.1.13 and, this time, ByteFX seems
> to be working but i don't know if i should trust it to work on all of my
> intended users's systems (most of them probably Windows).
> On the other hand, MySql's Connector/Net for Ms.NET is the
> «continuation» of ByteFX but i'm not completely sure if i should trust
> MySql's Connector/Net for Ms.NET since it may have problems working with
> mono.

ByteFX is currently unmaintained, while MySql Connector/.NET is
maintained by MySQL AB. Versions 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 work fine for me
under Mono and MS.NET.


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