[Mono-list] ASP.NET

peter apvx95 at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jan 24 18:13:10 EST 2006

Chris AItken wrote:

>No problem Peter, glad it worked for you. 
>The Codebehind tag tells VS to precompile the source into an assembly. You
>can precompile too, and I think (IIRC) you only need to use the Inherits
>Of course, as you say, you can leave both in, then VS will precompile, and
>mono will use the source file.
Hmm.  It won't actually.

When I tried it in VS I got a problem when trying to run the application 
from the IDE.  Something about the object being defined in 2 different 
places.  It compiles OK, just won't run from the IDE.  Turns out that VS 
stores some temporary files in some pretty weird places when you do this 
(like buried deep in the .NET file system in a temp file).  Spooky.

It might work if I ran the application from outside of the IDE, but of 
course I couldn't debug - for example - if I did that.

So basically it becomes a deployment issue.  i.e. Remember to add the 
'Src="..."' attribute to any .aspx files running under Mono.

Not too hard, really.

Thanks for all your help, Chris.



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