[Mono-list] Long-running services

Chad Robinson crj at lucubration.com
Fri Jan 13 21:50:06 EST 2006

I've read some tidbits, news articles, and blog posts about various 
service-level options in Mono, but I'd like some feedback from some 
users/developers - has anybody developed any services with long run times? I 
have an application I'm rewriting that typically needs to run for 10-15 hours 
at a time. I can shut it down once a day, so memory leaks and similar issues 
arne't a problem, but WHILE it's running, it needs to be stable, and can't be 

I know that there are a number of popular programs that are being developed in 
Mono, but I can't seem to find much precedent at the service/daemon/server 
level. Can anybody confirm that Mono is up to this challenge, or should I wait 
a bit? If so, what milestone would I be looking for?


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