[Mono-list] Profiling web app to find where memory is going

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo at ximian.com
Fri Jan 13 12:58:44 EST 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-13 at 09:15 -0500, Mike Glenn wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is related but there are some terrible inefficiencies in
> following two classes
> mcs/class/corlib/System.IO/TextWriter.cs
> mcs/class/System.Web/System.Web/HttpWriter.cs
> And then in HttpWriter.cs you have the following method:
> public override void Write (char ch)
> {
> 	Write(new string (ch, 1));
> }
> Which was being called by the TextWriter method at the top and was causing a
> class creation explosion. I'm not sure what's the best way to fix this method
> but by calling the Write(char[] c, int index, int count) instead I was able to
> double the connections/sec for my app on XSP.

The 'problem' in HttpWriter is fixed in svn.


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