[Mono-list] Mono 1.1.13 has been released.

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Jan 13 12:24:51 EST 2006

El mié, 11-01-2006 a las 19:35 +0000, Bill Seddon escribió:
Hi Bill,

> I have a couple of questions arising from my trials.  The first is to
> ask whether I am the only Windows user of Mono and, if not, am I alone
> in experiencing problems trying to get applications to run?  

I think you are not alone, we are producing applications running on top
of mono and using Gtk# because we want to run .NET applications on
Windows and Linux. I think the main problem you have is that you are
using Windows Forms that is still not complete in mono.

> It's
> reasonable to ask why someone should be interested in running Mono on
> Windows when the original .NET is available.  

Many reasons, first because you can run the same code (we are actually
doing so) on windows [1] and linux platforms. Obviously, something could
fail. What it could be done is to track and report those failures found
so next releases gets better.

>From our experience, using Mono + Gtk# to produce windows applications
is getting more a more stable. From the initial releases we started to
use (1.0.5) until now, Mono have increased its quality, and stability. 

But the point is: how alone is a .NET developer when it gets outside
Windows platform? This is critical point to keep in mind if you are
going to be a .NET developer. 

> My reason is that Mono
> applications can be run without an install.  .NET requires a lengthy
> installation (and a reboot with 1.1 SP) that many administrators (if
> not
> users) will not consider.  Mono can be copied on (or even run from a
> memory stick).

This is a good reason.

> The second is to ask if there is enough testing being on Windows.  The
> error in the trivial example below results from trying to return the
> root folder of the drive on which an assembly is located.  If there is
> no real motivation to support Windows, I'd welcome a statement to that
> effect so that know to look for an alternative solution.  Of course,
> I'd
> like Windows to be a supported platform but I can understand that it
> may
> not be priority for Novell.

Maybe it is not a main target for Novell to have a mono platform running
on Windows, but I'm not wrong when I say you that there are lot of
interest on making mono running on Windows. 


[1] http://gmovil.aspl.es
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