[Mono-list] A bug in .NET miising in mono?

Raitskin Alexandr alexrait1 at mail.ru
Fri Jan 13 01:09:20 EST 2006

I really don't know if it's a bug or not.. but still that seems a bit weird:

Look at the following configuration:

I have two simple dlls and one main application

Dll 1:

namespace baseDll{

    public class baseClass{}


Dll 2:

using baseDll;

namespace childClass:baseClass{

    public class childClass{}



Assembly a1 = Assembly.LoadFile("@c:\childDll.dll);

Assembly a2 = Assembly.LoadFile("@c:\baseDll.dll);

System.Type t1 = a1.GetType("childDll.childClass");

if (t1 != null) Console.WriteLine("OK");

It never wirtes OK on .NET 1.14..

moreover when I use a1.GetTypes() it throws an exception..

Well, guess what.. mono doesn't have these problems...

either I am doing something really wrong.. or it's a feature, or I don't 
know what to think.

Besides if I do Assembly.LoadFrom and not LoadFile it works ok...

any explanation for this?


Alex R.

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