[Mono-list] Fwd: Contact Book, a simple mono based contact management program.

Clark Endrizzi cendrizzi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 03:23:40 EST 2006

Follow up:  I took off the bitrock installer since it had an older
version that had some issues and updated the deb with the newest
version (oops).

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From: Clark Endrizzi <cendrizzi at gmail.com>
Date: Jan 12, 2006 12:55 AM
Subject: Contact Book, a simple mono based contact management program.
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Hi all,
I've been learning mono (GTK#, .net, and C#) by writing a simple
address book application.  I used to use Mac OS X a lot (now my wife
uses that laptop) and have always missed the simple address book
program supplied by Mac OS X, so I decided to create something similar
(although currently it doesn't have a lot of the features).  I invite
anyone to download it and see what they think, it's a very early
release but I would know from a developer if I'm doing
everything/anything right : ).  Personally it's helpful and stable
enough for me to use at work for my contacts, your mileage may vary (I
currently use ubuntu).

I certainly want to extend this a lot further, my first steps will be
adding group support.  Also it would be really nice to tie into
evolution data server but I don't know if the binding for mono are
very usable based off what I've read.

I'm hosting it on Novell forge:

P.S.  The deb was produced using Salvatores deb generator program
(found here: http://laas.altervista.org).  It currently doesn't even
check for dependencies but it will require sqlite and Gtk# 2.4 at
least I believe.

P.P.S.  There is also a bitrock installer, it's not perfect though
since I'm still learning how to use it...

P.P.S.  there is no way to build it using autotools since I've never
touched autotools and am not sure how to use it yet.
-Clark Endrizzi

-Clark Endrizzi

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