[Mono-list] Mono 1.1.13 has been released.

PauloMorfeo at portugalmail.pt PauloMorfeo at portugalmail.pt
Thu Jan 12 00:45:19 EST 2006

Bill Seddon wrote:

>... My reason is that Mono
>applications can be run without an install.  .NET requires a lengthy
>installation (and a reboot with 1.1 SP) that many administrators (if not
>users) will not consider.  Mono can be copied on (or even run from a
>memory stick).
Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> ...
>I did not know that the Mono download was more practical than the .NET
>download, that is good to know. ...
I can confirm that!
I've been following the development of the open-source remake of the game Total
Annihilation, TA Spring. The first multiplayer lobby was made in .NET . It
didn't went too well, for sure! Almost no one had the .NET framework installed
by default, many people didn't knew what that was, many couldn't find how to
download it and install it (sometimes even after we directed them to correct
places), some could not practically install it as they were on modem internets
and the download weighs over 100MBs, etc.
In that aspect, .NET is a total bluder and microsoft will, for sure, in the
future install .NET with the OS by default.

I'm making a «units pack» editor for that same game which will target, mostly,
windows users. I'm making it in mono for several reasons.
1- Easiness of instalation and size of download. The only thing that concerns me
is if i will be able to make windows users be able to run the programm without
the command line or some nasty configuration.
2- Trying to make an application in mono the most stable as possible to see it's
viability as a professional framework. I am a professional IT with perspectives
of going independant professional and i want to know if it is viable to target
development for Windows/Linux of professional quality with mono. (I'm not
greatly impressed so far, i must say :S )
3- Of course, trying to remove myself from microsoft.

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