[Mono-list] Has Mono delivered?

PauloMorfeo at portugalmail.pt PauloMorfeo at portugalmail.pt
Thu Jan 12 00:42:20 EST 2006

Dave Murphy wrote:

> ...
> but for that to
>really work the developers working with (not on) Mono need to be
>convinced to use the stable release and stop tracking the development
>Dave Murphy (Schwuk)
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That's a question that really interests me!
But how do i "use the stable release and stop tracking the development
ones"? Which versions are the development ones and which ones are the stable
ones? I'm in the process of switching from my laptop to my desktop. Which
version of mono shall i install in the desktop, considering i have maximum
stability in mind?
As far as i can see,
the "development" and the "release" (suposedly the stable one!?) and the exact
same. There seems to be a great indefinition about what's stable and what's
developmental quality.
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