[Mono-list] Mono 1.1.13 has been released.

Bill Seddon bill.seddon at lyquidity.com
Wed Jan 11 14:35:54 EST 2006

I have an application that works OK under on Windows XP SP2 but
is not as functional as I'd like because of the limitations of SWF in
this (now) old version.  However, since each release has failed
to run the app for one reason or another - all problems reported and
test cases provided.

I've just installed and tried to use the Windows version of 1.1.13 to
run my application.  As soon as I tried I receive some older errors (GC
error in ASP.NET code, for example) but a new and, it seems to me,
fundamental error.  The error and test case are listed below (and will
be reported).  

I have a couple of questions arising from my trials.  The first is to
ask whether I am the only Windows user of Mono and, if not, am I alone
in experiencing problems trying to get applications to run?  It's
reasonable to ask why someone should be interested in running Mono on
Windows when the original .NET is available.  My reason is that Mono
applications can be run without an install.  .NET requires a lengthy
installation (and a reboot with 1.1 SP) that many administrators (if not
users) will not consider.  Mono can be copied on (or even run from a
memory stick).

The second is to ask if there is enough testing being on Windows.  The
error in the trivial example below results from trying to return the
root folder of the drive on which an assembly is located.  If there is
no real motivation to support Windows, I'd welcome a statement to that
effect so that know to look for an alternative solution.  Of course, I'd
like Windows to be a supported platform but I can understand that it may
not be priority for Novell.


Bill Seddon

The test case application and error (this example works under

Mono System.Windows.Forms Assembly [Revision: 54007; built: 2005/12/6

Unhandled Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out
of range.
in <0x0007c> System.IO.Path:SameRoot (System.String root, System.String
in <0x00202> System.IO.Path:CanonicalizePath (System.String path)
in <0x0024b> System.IO.Path:InsecureGetFullPath (System.String path)
in <0x0000f> System.IO.Path:GetFullPath (System.String path)
in <0x00031> System.IO.DirectoryInfo:.ctor (System.String path)
in (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.IO.DirectoryInfo:.ctor
in <0x00032> System.IO.DirectoryInfo:get_Root ()
in (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.IO.DirectoryInfo:get_Root
in <0x00080> Test:Main (System.String[] args)


public class Test {
	static void Main(string[] args) {

		Test t = new Test();

		Assembly assm = t.GetType().Assembly;
		FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(assm.Location);

		MessageBox.Show("Will not succeed returning the root");
		DirectoryInfo di = fi.Directory.Root;

Bill Seddon

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    Mono 1.1.13 has been released.

    Please notice that I forgot to distribute the announcement for Mono
1.1.12, so the release notes for Mono 1.1.13 contain a second section
with the details from Mono 1.1.12.

    The release notes are here:


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