[Mono-list] Mono scalability

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Jan 11 12:13:53 EST 2006


> I use VS.NET application centre test to simulate 50
> users cocurrantly accessing the asp.net app, but it
> constantly fails after 10 mins or so. With a small
> user load (2-5) the application runs perfectly.
> At the failing point, I found out mono processes are
> spawn (using ps aux | grep mono). Two of them are in
> the Ssl (Interruptible sleep) state and the others are
> Z (zombies). The parent process of the zombie ones is
> one of the Ssl

Can you try upgrading your Mono installation?  We fixed an issue with
the zombie processes when you use the Process class a few months ago,
which could have been after .10

It would be useful to know *how* the application fails, you did not
mention that.   What kind of behavior is observed by the user?


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