[Mono-list] Why doesn't mono have any official forums?

Clark Endrizzi cendrizzi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 01:12:34 EST 2006

Hi all,
I certainly don't want to come across the wrong way but as I've been
going through the process of learning mono (C#, GTK#, and .net) I've
often times thought how hard it is to find answers at times.

Yeah, there could be more tutorials and other things, and based off
things I've seen it looks like people are working on that.  Yeah,
there are these mail lists, etc but why not an official community
forum.  Now I've been at www.gotmono.com  and they have a forum but
you can't find a link to it on the mono website for it (and thus isn't
as big as it should be).  Futhermore I know Novell has one but NNTP is
pretty weak for a full community forum like we've seen for so many
other projects.

Forums are a great solution because they are easier for most people to
get onto and use (unlike IRC and mailing lists) and they provide an
easy way for people to find answers to problems that others have also

The best example is Ubuntu.  Yes it's a distro but the forums are
second to none.  While Ubuntu is clean and friendly it has never
included the tools that make some tasks easy like other distributions.
 Yet, I've seen tons of new people starting their linux experience
with Ubuntu because they're able to find the answers with the help of
the awesome community (through the forums).

I view mono as a great develpment environment for linux.  Ideal for
people, like myself, who want to get their feet wet in Linux
development (particularly, gnome development).  But when I've ran into
issues I've usually had the most success looking through other C#
programs (read: a lot of time!) or googling (read: often fruitless and
a waste of time).  Simply put, it's not as easy as it should be to
access the mono community, at least not for new people.

Mono really needs some forums.

P.S. even if it is the forums on www.gotmono.com
-Clark Endrizzi

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