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> Subject: [Mono-list] Win Forms Combo Box
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> The Win Forms Combox box appears to have a bug in it.
> I'm using Mono 1.1.12_1 (for SuSE 9.2) on Mandriva 2006.0.
> It seems that the wider you make the Combo box the narrower the drop
> down button becomes.
> If you set the width of the Combo box at about 25px the drop down button
> seem about the right width, but as the Combo box is made wider the
> content part of the Combo box appears to grow wider out of proportion to
> the width of the Combo box.
> Where can I find the source code for this, as I would like to have a
> look at it myself?
> regards
> Tracy Barlow

Has anyone else noticed this bug, or is it just me?


Tracy Barlow

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