[Mono-list] How to compile app using Gecko# on Windows

Martynas Jocius mjoc at akl.lt
Thu Jan 5 03:45:39 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 14:58 -0500, Jorge Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi, 
> I had that same problem but not remember how to solves the previous
> one to it, 
> but in these days reinstall and returned to me to happen the same, the
> solution was to copy the archives gecko-sharp.dll and
> gecko-sharp.dll.config , in the folder where they are the direct
> access and it's work

Thanks for your reply, but I have already coped with this problem, just
didn't have enough time to write instructions here.

To compile the project that uses Gecko# I:

1. Copied gecko-sharp.dll and gecko-sharp.dll.config from C:\Program
Files\Mono-\lib\mono\gac\gecko-sharp\ to 
C:\Program Files\Mono-\lib\mono\gecko-sharp-2.0 (old shortcut linked 
to C:\cygwin directory that didn't exist at all)

2. Compiled the source from "Mono command prompt (the same ms-dos prompt with 
environment variables set) using 'nmake' and Makefile from Linux (i.e. a bit 
modified version that outputs "winexe" executable without console window). 
Makefile is attached to this message.

And that's all. By the way, to run the program I had to install "Gecko# GRE" 
and rename (if I remember correctly) gtkembedmoz.dll to gtkembedmoz.so (strange!),
I also had to copy Microsoft C library DLL file (can't remember the name, I don't 
use Windows after the project was finished) to the GRE directory. I hope this will 
help someone in the future.

Martynas Jocius

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# Makefile
# Copy this file to the source directory and run:
# On Windows:
#    nmake -f Makefile-win
# On Linux:
#    If file name is Makefile, just
#        make
#    Else
#        make -f <your-makefile-name>

DEBUG="-debug -warn:1"

all: entities csv database math utils interface
	$(CC) /r:Entities.dll,Database.dll,Math.dll,Interface.dll,Utils.dll \
		Main.cs -codepage:utf8 /target:winexe -out:grem.exe

entities: Entities.cs
	$(CC) $(AS_LIB) Entities.cs

csv: CSVReader.cs
	$(CC) $(AS_LIB) CSVReader.cs
utils: Utils.cs
	$(CC) $(AS_LIB) Utils.cs

database: Database.cs
	$(CC) $(AS_LIB) /r:Entities.dll,CSVReader.dll Database.cs
math: Math.cs
	$(CC) $(AS_LIB) /r:Entities.dll Math.cs

interface: Interface.cs
	$(CC) $(AS_LIB) /r:Entities.dll,Math.dll,Database.dll,Utils.dll $(PKG) $(RES) -codepage:utf8 Interface.cs

	rm -f *.dll *.exe *.mdb
	rm -f *~

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