[Mono-list] How to compile app using Gecko# on Windows

Jorge Gonzalez jorge.unal at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 14:58:14 EST 2006

I had that same problem but not remember how to solves the previous one to
but in these days reinstall and returned to me to happen the same, the
solution was to copy the archives gecko-sharp.dll and gecko-sharp.dll.config,
in the folder where they are the direct access and it's work

sorry for my english


2005/11/30, Martynas Jocius <mjoc at akl.lt>:
> Hello,
> I'm a Linux developer having the task to compile C# application that
> uses Gecko# bindings on WindowsXP. The application compiles and runs
> fine on Linux, but I have problems on Windows. The only tutorial I found
> is http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/14918.html, but it
> doesn't help me.
> I'm trying to compile the source code in this way:
>    C:\"Program Files"\Mono-1.1.10\bin\mcs /target:library
>      -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0,glade-sharp-2.0,gecko-sharp-2.0
>      -resource:gui.glade Interface.cs
> I want to get Interface.dll file. On Linux above syntax works, but on
> Windows I get the following error:
>     [...]
>     error CS0006: Cannot find assembly
> 'C:/PROGRA~1/MONO-1~1.10/lib/mono/gecko-sharp-2.0/gecko-sharp.dll'
> File gecko-sharp.dll exists on the path shown and is a "shortcut" (in
> Linux terms: symbolic link) to the real gecko-sharp.dll in GAC.  I tried
> to compile using "-r" option pointing to that file but the error is the
> same (cannot find assembly). I also downloaded and installed GRE for
> gecko sharp as mentioned in the tutorial at Novell (link above). I can
> see gtkembedmoz.dll here, but "gacutil -i gecko-sharp.dll" says it
> cannot find file (command from the tutorial).
> Could anyone please give me some examples how to compile C# code with
> Mozilla embedded on Windows? Thanks a lot.
> --
> Martynas
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