[Mono-list] xsp as a daemon

Bradley, Peter PBradley at uwic.ac.uk
Wed Jan 4 05:58:10 EST 2006


Here's a tidied up version of the script for starting xsp.

I can't test it because I'm in work and therefore (unfortunately) not
within reach of a suitable Linux box.  It should be OK, however, except
for the:

xspd status

functionality, which I'll have to check out tonight.

I'll also give it a thorough(ish) testing tonight and try to install it
with insserve.  If it works, I'll put my name on it :)  I'll post back
here as well.

If anyone has any comments in the meantime, they will be welcome.



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Oleg Deribas wrote:

> Could you, please, post your results here in case you'll have any 
> success?

Hi Oleg

Here's what I have so far, namely a script (called xspd) that will, when

run from a command line:
*  start xsp when called with the "start" parameter
*  stop xsp when called with the "stop" parameter

*  calling the script without a parameter seems to start xsp even though

it shouldn't
*  the stop functionality is not very elegant

Copy the script to /etc/init.d, call insserv on it then:
*  check xsp starts on a reboot
*  check YAST can start and stop xsp
*  all the other stuff like restarts and so on

Too late to do all that tonight.  I'll have a go at it tomorrow.  In the

meantime I hope this helps.



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