[Mono-list] gacutil -i (am I doing something wrong?)

Carlos Ble carlosble at shidix.com
Tue Jan 3 05:04:35 EST 2006

El mar, 03-01-2006 a las 07:47 +0200, Christopher Bergström escribió:
> gacutil -l | grep Sg
> SgmlReaderDll, Version=1.5.2194.13652, Culture=neutral, 
> PublicKeyToken=1d70be30dd6cea8b
> Error : error CS0006: Cannot find assembly `SgmlReaderDll.dll'
> Created the my.key for the sn and updated the assemble info so it would 
> have a sn and install SgmlReader... Looked like it worked, but still 
> getting this error when trying to build..

Try add the SgmlReaderDll.dll directory to your MONO_PATH environment


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