[Mono-list] System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 16:24:33 EST 2006

It was a regression in trying to stub ADO.NET 2.0 new properties and methods.
  The regression has been fixed in svn.
  The new properties and methods for ADO.NET 2.O still need to be implemented. 
  Also, various providers, such as, Npgsql, OracleClient, etc... will need to implement these features for ADO.NET 2.0 too.

Fredrik Elestedt <fredrik at elestedt.com> wrote:  Hi,

Anyone have any clue to as when this class will be implemented? It is a
fairly usefull class - especially the fill function :)
Or does anyone have some code that will give the same result? (i.e.
given connection and SQL statement result in a DataTable with named columns)

I'm trying to use ASP.NET 2.0

// Fredrik
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