[Mono-list] Is mod_mono and ASP.NET production ready?

Carlos Ble carlosble at shidix.com
Tue Feb 28 05:48:58 EST 2006

El lun, 27-02-2006 a las 18:42 -0700, Corbin Hoenes escribió:
> I am REALLY impressed with the desktop stack Mono offers but haven't
> really heard of a lot of high end web applications being built on Mono
> say the way Ruby on Rails is taking off.

ASP.NET is one of the most advanced parts of Mono and there are lots of
interesting projects using it like MojoPortal (www.mojoportal.com). For
rapid web development there are several frameworks over ASP.NET running
under Mono. I am developing with MonoRail from CastleProject
(castleproject.org) and I can say that it is one of the bests frameworks
I had ever taste, and works fine with Mono.

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