[Mono-list] Configuring Apache for mono

Bradley, Peter PBradley at uwic.ac.uk
Mon Feb 27 10:04:12 EST 2006

This doesn't seem to be the problem unless I'm missing something.  I can
only find one version of mod_mono.so on the machine.  There is a link
called mod_mono.so, which points to mod_mono.so.0.0.0.

According to RedCarpet, I have mod_mono 1.0.6-4, which provides

So this all looks OK to me.

I've got an absolutely bog standard out-of-the-box setup, so I confess
to getting a little frustrated.  Is there anyone who can suggest what I
can try, given that following the instructions doesn't appear to work?



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On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 12:53 +0000, Bradley, Peter wrote:
> This thread was: "Unable to deploy ASP.NET application on Apache"
> Starting at the paragraph entitled "Configuring Mod_Mono", I stopped
> apache and added the following to my http.conf:

> LoadModule mono_module /usr/lib/apache2/mod_mono.so

> Alias /test "/usr/lib/xsp/test"
> AddMonoApplications default "/test:/usr/lib/xsp/test"

> <Location /test>
>             SetHandler mono
> </Location>

> When I tried to restart apache, I got the following error message:

> "Invalid command 'AddMonoApplications', perhaps mis-spelled or defined
> by a module not included in the server configuration"

You might have an old version of mod_mono.so around.


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