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Bradley, Peter PBradley at uwic.ac.uk
Sat Feb 25 07:53:07 EST 2006

This thread was: "Unable to deploy ASP.NET application on Apache"


Hi everyone,


I'm trying to configure apache2 for mono.  I have a completely standard SuSE 9.3 Pro setup, and except as described below, apache is configured in the default way for SuSE 9.3.


Mono is installed via RedCarpet, as is mod_mono.


Since I've had some difficulty with this, I decided to start from scratch, in terms of Apache configuration, so I printed off the instructions at http://www.mono-project.com/Mod_mono


Starting at the paragraph entitled "Configuring Mod_Mono", I stopped apache and added the following to my http.conf:


LoadModule mono_module /usr/lib/apache2/mod_mono.so


Alias /test "/usr/lib/xsp/test"

AddMonoApplications default "/test:/usr/lib/xsp/test"


<Location /test>

            SetHandler mono



When I tried to restart apache, I got the following error message:


"Invalid command 'AddMonoApplications', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration"


Does anyone have any idea where I might go from here?








From: Christopher Bergström [mailto:cbergstrom at netsyncro.com] 
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To: peter
Cc: Bradley, Peter
Subject: Re: [mono list] Unable to deploy ASP.NET application on Apache


Hi Peter,

My 30 second take on this is.. port 80 for HTTP, 443 is you will eventually need SSL and some obscure port for SSH if you want to admin it from outside.. I'd have to read the thread to tell you more of where apache problem is..

Such as... 
    1) What's in the apache error logs?

    tail -f /var/log/apache/error_logs (or something like this while you restart apache and watch.)

    2) What sort of output happens when you try to visit the page?
    503 error? 500 error?

    3) If there actually is a mono process running with the correct parameters.
    ps aux | grep mono

    apache    27312  0.5 18.9  78776 48264 ?        S    Feb22  15:38 mono /usr/lib/xsp/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe --filename /tmp/mod_mono_server_foo.yourdomain.com --applications /:/sites/xxxxx/www --nonstop --root /sites/xxxxx/www (You should see something similar to that relative to your configuration. This line was modified by hand.)

With these questions answered you can then start to walk through the process...

I've personally posted known good working apache vhost configs.. _maybe_ try to search my name + mono + vhosts Other than that I could only offer to do the 5 minute apache fix or offer you a test account on one of our servers.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Christopher Bergström
cbergstrom at netsyncro.com

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