[Mono-list] FW: Unable to deploy an ASP.NET application

Bradley, Peter PBradley at uwic.ac.uk
Thu Feb 23 05:40:16 EST 2006


As you can see, your original post arrived - eventually. :)


I compiled your test project in VS from a new solution called "Test" and
a similarly named project; and ran it from within VS just to test it all
worked.  It did.

Next, I navigated to the project folder on my development box and
deleted all the files except for:

* Global.asax
* test.aspx
* Web.config

In the bin folder, there is a dll called test.dll.

I then tested the application by typing the url into my browser:


(I use port 85 on my development box for ASP.NET development as I have
Sharepoint Server installed which demands port 80)

This worked just fine.

So I copied the files and the bin directory over to my Linux box and
tried from there.  On the Linux box I get an error message saying that
the type JustForFun.TestForm cannot be found.

I am using Mono and SuSE Linux 9.3 Pro.

Would you mind if I forwarded this to the Mono list, on the off chance
that someone else might be able to contribute?

Once again, many thanks for your interest and help.  This is quite
important to me, so I really do have to get it working.

Best regards


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Hi Peter,

i'm also new to Mono but i'll try to help you :-)
1. My ASP.NET app works on WinXP+IIS and Linux+Apache/mod_mono. I
compile all my code into a single dll in the bin directory and it works
on both systems. In my pages the codebehind-attribute is sufficient. So
i thought just give it a try and copy the test files in the attachement
into your project, compile the dll and do NOT deploy the cs-file. If you
can see the testpage this pattern also works on your system and you only
have to find out the difference in your pages.

2. I also use .NET-Remoting even across .NET and Mono-boundaries. I did
not use soapsuds but create a proxy dll that just contains the
interface. VERY important was that the real dll and the proxy must have
exactly the same name!

I hope this helps.


Jochen Winzen

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