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xavier de Blas xavi at xdeblas.com
Sat Feb 11 05:15:07 EST 2006

Hello Paulo

When I INSERT in SQL i always insert with '.' as decimal point
separator, i do it like this:


On util class i have:

public static string ConvertToPoint (double myDouble) {
    StringBuilder myStringBuilder = new StringBuilder(myDouble.ToString());
    myStringBuilder.Replace(",", ".");                 
    return myStringBuilder.ToString();

//sometimes i do it as a string
public static string ConvertToPoint (string myString) {
    StringBuilder myStringBuilder = new StringBuilder(myString);
    myStringBuilder.Replace(",", ".");
    return myStringBuilder.ToString();

When I SELECT i do:

while(reader.Read()) {
  myArray.Add (reader[0].ToString() + ":" +     
  Util.ChangeDecimalSeparator(reader[1].ToString()) + ":" + 

on Util class i have:

//used for load from the database all numbers with correct decimal separator (locale defined)
public static string ChangeDecimalSeparator(string myString) {
  if(myString == "") {
    return "0";
  System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo localeInfo = new System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo();
  localeInfo = System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo.CurrentInfo;

  StringBuilder myStringBuilder = new StringBuilder(myString);
  if(localeInfo.NumberDecimalSeparator != ".") {
    myStringBuilder.Replace(".", localeInfo.NumberDecimalSeparator);
  return myStringBuilder.ToString();

This are pieces of code of Chronojump, files: 


A bondade

On ds, 2006-02-11 at 00:56 +0000, Paulo Augusto wrote:
> In portuguese (in fact, every language i know except english), numbers
> are separated by a "," comma, instead of by a "." dot.
> So, when my mono program needs a number from an Entry():
> Convert.ToSingle (string);
> and then i want to pass that number to MySql through an sql string:
> float.ToString();
> results in a string that has a "," which brakes the sql string.
> Anyone has any idea on what's the best way to handle this localisation
> issue?
> I tried working around it with:
> string.Replace (char, char);
> and
> string.Replace (string, string);
> to the resulting string but i think both are broken since they do not
> work at all.
> One would think this issue would be frequent but i do not seem to be
> able to find any information at all anywhere about it.
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