[Mono-list] Seeking keen Mono (Linux) developer

Aaron Oxford aaron at hardwarehookups.com.au
Fri Feb 10 17:52:07 EST 2006


Firstly, my apologies for this off-topic post, especially to those of you 
who have already seen me trolling various other Mono forums/lists.

I'm looking for a keen Mono developer that uses Linux to help me do a port 
of my SourceForge project. The project is C# under .NET2.0 and uses 
PortAudio. Its a music composer (specifically, it's a Tracker). 
SourceForge.net -> VioLet Composer for more info.

My code is very straightforward and well commented, the only compatibility 
issues I see is PortAudio and potentially some Forms stuff. Other than that 
there's a couple of threads running, and that's as tricky as it gets. 99.9% 
of stuff is written from the ground up in C# so no issues there, unless 
Mono doesn't have ArrayLists or something...  :-D

Really all I'm looking for is someone willing to try to get my code running 
under Linux. Ideally, I need someone who has nothing going themselves at 
the moment (or has plenty of spare time anyway) and that is either willing 
to take on a full-time role as the Linux maintainer for the project, or 
that can give me detailed enough instructions to do that myself. I'm 
working under Windows x64 using VCSE2005 and don't want to break my own 
development cycle messing with a new OS and IDE.

The project has been running for over 12 months now. The application is far 
from ready for end use, however the development process is now mature 
enough that it is only a matter of time. Featuring a revolutionary 
sound-processing architecture and unprecedented plugin integration 
(including on-the-fly editing of plugin code), VioLet Composer aims to 
become much more than just another tool for writing music. Slated 
improvements include things like plugins-within-plugins, video processing 
and online jamming.

I'm an easy going guy, willing to share any info I can and take the time to 
nut stuff out. I'm not looking for some expert or pro - my own knowledge of 
Linux and Mono are both practically zero.

Contributors get their name in lights and become part of a small but 
steadily growing and devoted community (if you've had experience with the 
Tracker scene before, you know what I'm talking about!), plus you'll be 
opening up new ways for people to make music and lining yourself up to hear 
some great tunes!

Please drop me a line if you're interested, either on this list, at 
SourceForge, or direct to my email.


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