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Mariano Benedettini mbenedettini at ad-net.us
Thu Feb 9 13:17:30 EST 2006


Tomas Olofsson wrote:
> I'm wondering if someone can help me with an optionswindow.
> I have written the code and I can call the optionswindow from the main 
> programs menu but when I close the optionswindow the main program also 
> exits.
> The gui is constucted in glade.
> I'm using Gtk.Application.Init(), Gtk.Application.Run() and 
> Gtk.Application.Quit() to start and close the optionswindow (use them in 
> the main program to), what should I use instead?
> /Thomas

Gtk.Application.Init() and Gtk.Application.Run() should be used once in 
an app.
Instead, you can show and hide windows using Gtk.Window.Show and 
Gtk.Window.Hide, respectively.
Taking a look to other apps code will help you to understand (as helped 
me) some basics of a gui workflow.

HTH :),

Mariano Benedettini
Ad Network SA
mbenedettini at ad-net.us

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