[Mono-list] New Windows Mono Installer

Wade Berrier wberrier at novell.com
Wed Feb 8 23:41:17 EST 2006


The Mono win32 installer has been updated.  From the Release Notes:

 -Upgraded to GTK+ 2.8 and most Gnome 2.12 deps are included
 -Upgraded to gtk# 2.8
 -Upgraded Glade to 2.10 (Downloaded zip was labeled 2.12.1...?)
 -MonoDoc browser is included
  -gnome-sharp for gtk-sharp 1.0 have been added
  -Many Gnome Deps were required for this.  So, until we have
   working in the installer, this is the way it goes.  Including Gnome
   add around 40MB uncompressed to the installed files. (6 MB
 -Copied files in place of symbolic links for monodoc, gecko-sharp and
 -Got the samples working with the current gtk-sharp (Bug #77292)
 -sqlsharpgtk now uses the Mono App Guidelines for its file locations
  -Had to recompile for some unknown reason...

Also some known issues:

-Uploading changes in Monodoc causes a crash.  Still looking into this.
-Generating the index in Monodoc causes an exception (chmod error)
 but the index eventually gets generated
-Icon View in GtkDemo crashes because of some missing themes (tried
 themes, but the problem still occurs)

Right now, adding the gnome deps only gives added functionality of
gtkhtml-sharp1 and gnome-sharp1.  This makes it possible to run the
Monodoc doc browser.  This seemed easier than getting gecko-sharp to
work.  I'm open to ideas if anyone has any tips of including the Mozilla
stuff in the installer in order for gecko-sharp to work.

Here's the link to the previous installer with gtk# 2.4.0 in
case it's needed:




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