[Mono-list] Re: Mono-website:FAQ:Technical: Question 2.9: Running Visual C++/CLI programs under mono

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Feb 8 11:57:33 EST 2006


> I am interested in making C++/CLI work with Mono,
> because I like my programs to run under Linux, but
> being myself to lazy and reluctant to move from C++ to C#. (And with 
> C++/CLI there is no real need to do so actually.)

Well, one reason exists: your apps would run under Linux ;-)

> However, I created with the Designer a simple dialog Windows::Form
> "MyForm" with just a single pushbuttonin it, and added it to the 
> project. When calling "Application::Run(gcnew TestApp::MyForm());" from 
> Main, everything is fine with MS.NET but mono fails quietly to run the 
> TestApp. I suppose the desinger must have generated code, which is out 
> of Mono::WinForms?

It sounds to me like you were testing with Mono under Windows.
Try to set the target to "console application", probably here:
Project->Linker->System->SubSystem: Console
That way you'll get at least a meaningful stack trace.


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