[Mono-list] Group- and Decimal-Separator Problem

Jan Waiz hamburg at icomedv.de
Wed Feb 8 09:44:52 EST 2006

Hi All,


its me again :-)


I have a Problem using the correct Group- and Decimalseparator in an
ASP.NET-Application, when trying to parse a string that contains a numeric
value like:


string    sNum = "12,34";

decimal nNum = decimal.Parse( sNum ); // => 12,34


Now I am trying this:


string    sNum = "12.34";

decimal nNum = decimal.Parse( sNum ); // => 1234



I test a lot with NumberFormatInfo without successful Result. As well as
PostgreSQL is using a "." as Decimalseparator. I Germany we are using "," -
but what happens in other Countrys with different Settings?


All that when running in Windows - is there anything special when running in
Mono? For me it seems so, because trying something like that to use
Replace(".",",") - that cant be a good Solution :-)


I am todaly confused what is the correct/best Way to solve this Problem.
What are you doing?



Jan Waiz

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