[Mono-list] :WOMB: 0.1.0 release (testing)

axel c. axxel.c at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 07:06:55 EST 2006

WOMB 0.1.0 -- The 'KIDS DON'T DO THIS AT HOME' release

:WOMB: is a set of RAD tools aimed at making PostgreSQL databound
application development nice and simple. 

The basic feature is :WOMB: is the automatic generation of C# classes
('atoms') and SQL scripts from an abstract data model defined in a
simple xml format. These classes map to rows in database tables and
provide a uniform interface for manipulating data conveniently in an
object-oriented fashion and hide most of the SQL work from the

Put it another way, :WOMB: is a tool for lazy people: an extra layer of
candy on top of Npgsql.

:WOMB: also comes with GTK# widgets to easily create database
applications. These widgets provide a convenient api for searching,
manipulating and storing data and automatically propagate changes to the

-AtomTab: a TreeView-derived class that constructs itself automatically
and displays a 
table or a subset of a table and allows user editing of rows.

-AtomEditor: a widget that allows editing fields in a row.

-PropBoxes: widgets that allow editing of single columns.

and more...

:WOMB: targets the 2.0 profile and uses nullable types. After it has
been heavily tested we plan on implementing generics and more stuff for
the next version.

See http://womb.sf.net for documentation and downloads


  mono >= 1.1.13   (does NOT work with older version because of broken
nullable types)
  Npgsql >= 1.0beta2
  gtk# >= 2.8.0

-This is a first TESTING release and as such is expected to have many
bugs. You are actively encouraged to test and try to break it on as many
different setups as possible.

-The build system is currently pretty weak but it is being worked on. To
build under Linux you need a working autotools chain. To build under
Windows you need a Cygwin environment. If you have issues building the
package, report them. 

-Binary builds are available too. 

-:WOMB: has been built and run succesfully with mono-1.1.13 under Linux,
Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

-:WOMB: should run under .NET 2.0 as well, provided that you have gtk#
and Npgsql in your GAC. We really need windows people to help ensure it
works properly and devise a build system that works with both mono
and .NET.

-Documentation is very poor at the moment. This is being worked on too.
There are some examples in the website and under the 'TestWomb' and
'TestWombGtk' dirs in the source tarball.

-All contributions are welcome.
axel c. <axxel.c at gmail.com>

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