[Mono-list] Using Jasper Reports with the help of IKVM

Gayan Perera gayanper at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 05:16:58 EST 2006

dear frnds,

i want to use jasper reports in my C# program. so i thought of writing a
wrapper kind of thing with the help of IKVM.

can i use IKVM to access the jasper reports library from C# ?

wat i thought of is some thing like this ---

-> write a separate java lib as a bridg between jasper and c#
-> make java stubs from my c# code and use those in the birdg lib
-> write the code to generate reports in the birdg lib with the data i get
from c# side.
-> and compile the java bridg with ikvmc and use with c#

will it work that way or is there other ways to acomplish this ? please let
me know :)

thank you in advance,
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