[Mono-list] Forums software for Mono?

Alexander Orlov nistem at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 09:47:53 EST 2006

On Sunday 05 February 2006 14:27, Joe Audette wrote:
> mojoPortal has forums too, though they are not very elaborate in

I have reinstalled your CMS and will give it a second chance to convince 
me. I have allready tried Cuyahoga (which has a clear program design 
imho) but it crashes after each second action and does generally a bad 
job on Linux. mojoPortal seems to run quite stable on my Debian box an 
in fact i do not need much functionality but stability.

> features, just simple fast forums. It doesn't have all the bells and
> whistles to keep track of what you have already read, but it does
> have email notification and RSS.

To be simple&fast and puristic is still the best software design isn't 
it? ;)

What is the best way to contribute to the project an when will xsp2 be 
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
Alexander Orlov

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