[Mono-list] Forums software for Mono?

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Sun Feb 5 01:53:09 EST 2006

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>    A lot of people have asked us about hosting some official forums
>for Mono.   Am not a fan of them, but I can see the appeal of these
>    If we were to host this, we would probably want to run this on top
>of Mono itself, does anyone have any recommendations for an
>ASP.NET-based open source forums software?
I asked this months ago.. I then took it upon myself to get the Mono 
forums software down to a less-buggy and PostgreSQL 8 compatible.  The 
guy that owns the project contacted me and asked if I wanted write 
perms, but either I wasn't clear or the email got lost, because I never 
heard back.  Anyhow, I've got a local version I'll be making available 
if everyone can wait a bit.

(Sorry for the self advertising.) I'm going to making a Mono forums that 
runs on Mono available here shortly. (Within Feb and hopefully within 
the next two weeks.)

Current place to see the development for the forum is 
http://forum.themp3pool.com/ That sites not live yet, but will be quite 
soon so feel free to click around.  Any bug fixers would certainly be 
appreciated as well.



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