[Mono-list] what structure should I use

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You're in the right direction. The Node class will work, however, instead of
using an Array I would use a strongly-typed class that inherits the
CollectionBase class for the collection of Nodes(maybe call it
NodeCollection).  Another class that reads the file would also be good. I
would also use a controller class that will glue all this classes together.

When you say store, do you mean persist to a relational db?


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I have a slight problem with a program I want to write.

I want to read a textfile that contains the description of a hierarchy. 
The hierarchy has nodes, which hae certain Attributes like name, parentnode,
translation and orientation. What is the best way to store this kind of
information? I was wondering if I can create a class (ie. 
"node"), that has the Attributes as Members. I want to create an Object of
the class for each node in the file with the correct attributes and store
these Objects in an array. But I don't know if this is possible and a smart
thing to do.

Perhaps someone can give me a hint on how to do such a thing effectivley.

Thanks for your help.
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