[Mono-list] Looking for Developers

Chris Nevener Chris.Nevener at networkingpartner.com
Mon Dec 25 09:40:23 EST 2006


Our company is looking for a GTK# developer to help out on a project, and for a web developer to augment some work happening to our technology in the near future. Skills required are (roughly):

For the GTK # Developer - Solid, profound, creative C# skills in developing applications for SUSE Linux and Windoze. Professionalism is a prerequisite for this position.

For the Web Developer - AJAX, LDAP, XHTML, Java, Java Script, portal development experience, CSS, Ajax, .net / mono for developing application like web-applications , web-services, etc... Professionalism is a prerequisite for this position.

Please reply per eMail with your resume or description of capabilities and talents, and table of rates. We are looking for someone professional, with whom to create and maintain a long term business relationship.

Chris Nevener

Senior Architect and Executive Vice President

AppGenie Development Technologies Inc.

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