[Mono-list] Am I missing something with ContextMenuStrips andToolStrips?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Dec 26 16:00:38 EST 2006


>   Thanks for the reply.  My issue is a run time issue, not a compile
> issue though.  In fact, the executable I'm running in this case was
> compiled with "another .NET compiler".  Is there something about the
> runtime environment that would affect this?

Yes, the class is not present.  

As I said before, support for 2.0 is not complete, it is spotty at best
and wont be supported for a while.

You can use the Moma tool to detect whether your program will run or
not, and point the missing pieces.

>   And as to your second point - is there a posted list (like there is
> for the 1.1 Windows.Forms) about what's working and what isn't?  I can
> only find the 1.1 information and not the 2.0 info.

Because we have not made any commitment to 2.0;   All we have said is
that 1.1 works, and that we are working towards 2.0.

There is information about what 2.0 is supported, but most people
miss-understand those tables, so its not worth pointing those out.

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