[Mono-list] Native support for VS2005 Projects in Monodevelop

Ankit Jain radical at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 15:02:14 EST 2006


> /home/knocte/(...)/mcs/nunit20/nunit.sln(3): Unsupported or unrecognized
> project: 'samples\jsharp\jsharp.vjsproj'. See logs.
> /home/knocte/(...)/mcs/nunit20/nunit.sln(7): Unsupported or unrecognized
> project : 'samples\cpp-sample\cpp-sample.vcproj'. See logs.
> /home/knocte/(...)/mcs/nunit20/nunit.sln(11): Unsupported or
> unrecognized project: 'install\install.vdproj'. See logs.

Earlier you had mentioned that you were trying to load nunit20.sln, but here you
are loading nunit.sln . The *20.sln references vs2005 (msbuild) format
project files,
where nunit.sln references some vs2003 projects.
nunit20.sln loads up fine.

The addin doesn't provide native support for vs2003 projects. I should
be checking on the
"format version" on the .sln file i guess, and report a summary or
something of the errors.

> I suppose that this .sln file contains project types not supported by
> MonoDevelop (by now, and never I suppose), so a nice workaround to allow
> to work with a solution like this would be this feature:

Actually the addin does try to ensure that even if it is unable to load some
projects the rest do open. What it _doesn't_ do right now is show up failed
projects solution explorer in MD. I do have that on my todo :)

> BTW: I am seeing that the project I wanted to open, when built with
> NAnt, a "build\bin" is created, instead of creating a "build +
> Path.DirectorySeparatorChar + bin", so this is not cross-platform.

MD uses the correct directory seperator for the files/directories. I'm not sure
what nant does, but i don't think that relates to MD here.

Thanks for testing :)


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