[Mono-list] CursesSharp crossplatform example release

Florian Hester florian at nedlinux.nl
Thu Dec 21 08:26:53 EST 2006


I will look into the open source licenses which Mono uses. The X11 MIT
license seems to talk about what i want. For now, Curses# falls under
copyright until i have decided about a good enough license for Curses#. I
will look up some other open source licenses as well.

>Florian Hester escribi?:
> Then its now under the LGPL.
>Florian, the license to choose is up to you. Perhaps you're not
>interested in seeing propietary apps that use youre library freely, and then
>you would be more interested in a dual license (as MySQL or DB4O  are
>        Andr?s        [ knocte ]
> --

Florian Hester

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