[Mono-list] Managed D-Bus 0.3

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Thu Dec 14 11:08:27 EST 2006

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> There is nothing intentionally obsolete about these, they are just not 
> in the spec due to oversight. If someone is reviewing the C source and 
> documenting it for you to preserve the clean room, then why not have 
> them patch the spec directly and thus get all the needed info in the spec?

Unfortunately there is no team of documenters. I have only the D-Bus 
implementation that came pre-installed with my Linux distribution to 
hand, and these methods showed up in XML introspection when I 
dist-upgraded. (For the record, I also have some recollection of the 
libdbus sources from the time I was working on a language binding, which 
can explain any similarity in overall design.)

If the spec were maintained in its own repository like every other spec 
on freedesktop.org, it would be much easier for other D-Bus 
implementations to contribute to it, as well as giving them some 
reassurance that they won't be relegated to second class when it comes 
to working on protocol enhancements.

I have implemented several other specifications related to 
freedesktop.org in C# (the X11 protocol, XDG and more, see 
http://www.ndesk.org/) and D-Bus is the only one that is maintained in 
the source tree of the implementation.

I wasn't planning on bringing up this issue, but it has to be mentioned 
now that you're asking me to submit patches :-)

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