[Mono-list] Validating an XML document

Loren Bandiera lorenb at mmgsecurity.com
Mon Dec 11 09:00:32 EST 2006

> Ok, fixed in svn. Thanks.

I tried the svn version and I can confirm the original error is now gone.
However the validation of the document doesn't appear to be fully working.

In the xml document I sent you, on line 141 the <definition> tag is
missing the required version attribute. Under Windows/MS.NET this is

C:\testing>main definition_test_suite.xml

Here in OnValidationEvent
The required attribute 'version' is missing.
Document is invalid

Using the updated Mono SVN version under Linux, I get:

$ ./main.exe definition_test_suite.xml
Document is valid

Loren Bandiera, CISSP <lorenb at mmgsecurity.com>
MMG Security, Inc.

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